Why this nicotine product could be an alternative for when you can't smoke or vape

One of the key benefits of zoneX nicotine pouches is the ability to use one whenever and wherever you fancy – the ‘zone’ is anywhere you are – but just how much easier does zoneX make life for smokers and vapers?

Well, we decided to find out just that with a nationwide survey. Here is what we found.

How does nicotine use affect everyday life?

In a natural fallout of 625 nicotine users (smokers and vapers) of a total nationally representative sample of 2000 UK adults, it was revealed that 1 in 4 will pick up a cigarette or vape between 16 and 20 times a day or use alternative products such as nicotine pouches up to 10 times a day, with usage trends increasing with age.

On average, how often do you use nicotine products?

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1 in 5 said they couldn’t go more than 3-4 hours without using nicotine products, and 84% revealed they adapt their day in some way in order to fit smoking or vaping in.

In fact, 1 in 4 do this regularly and men are more likely to do this than women.

How often do you adapt your day to fit in nicotine breaks?

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It influences how people get about…

With the Coronavirus lockdown now loosening and travel becoming more popular, we wondered whether these everyday allowances extend to public travel too.

Our research found the ability to smoke or vape influences the mode of transport a third of respondents take, and the same number would avoid long-haul flights because they cannot get their nicotine kick while in the air. 1 in 5 admitted they have avoided flights altogether due to these restrictions.

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For those who prefer to drive, most take a smoke or vape break every 2-3 hours, and two thirds admit to vaping or smoking while driving.

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It has caused some people to lie…

1 in 4 reported having been reprimanded or fined for smoking or vaping where they shouldn’t, and nearly a third admitted to lying about their smoking habits – 46% had lied to their parents at some point, while 43% said they didn’t smoke or vape when they did.

Lastly, some respondents admitted to avoiding social events as they would not be able to or feel comfortable smoking or vaping whilst in attendance. Birthday parties and christenings were the most frequently dodged.

There’s no need to compromise with zoneX nicotine pouches

The ‘zone’ is all about living in the moment, total freedom and the ability to connect to the now. Our pouches allow you to get the nicotine kick you want, without needing to adapt your everyday life.

There is no smoke, no vapour, and therefore no need to go outside. You can use zoneX nicotine pouches on a plane, train or at airports or bus depots. You could say bye-bye to smoking zones and unnecessary travel stops, and safely enjoy around friends and family members. The magic of our pouches is their discreetness. There’re no limits!

The Zone is Here

Where can I use it?

How does everywhere sound to you? There are no limits. Discover the possibilities with zoneX.

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