When was the smoking ban introduced in the UK and why does it matter now?

Aug 2020

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We’re experts in creating tobacco-free products and much of our work has been inspired by the desire to make the experience of using nicotine products more enjoyable for our consumers, and for those around them. In fact, given that the UK smoking ban has been in place for so long now, one of the key benefits when using our nicotine pouches is that they are probably much more convenient than the products you’ve grown used to.

What is the UK smoking ban?

This refers to the government ban on smoking in public places across the UK. The ban includes smoking in shops, pubs, restaurants, nightclubs and workplaces, as well as on public transport and in train and bus stations, and airports.

When did the smoking ban come in to place in the UK?

On 16th November 2004, a Public Health white paper proposed a smoking ban in most public spaces in England and Wales. This was adopted for all public enclosed spaces and phased in over a number of years.

Different parts of the UK introduced the ban at different times. Scotland introduced it on 26th March 2006, Wales on 2nd April 2007, Northern Ireland on 30th April 2007, then England on 1st July 2007.

Are there any exemptions to the rule?

While the ban must be implemented in most enclosed public spaces, there are a few exemptions including designated rooms in hotels, nursing homes, prisons, offshore rigs and inside some specialist tobacconists for sampling purposes.

Importantly, the law does not apply to vaping, which in many cases is usually at the discretion of the property owner. Some venues choose to allow vaping, some do not. Crucially, our nicotine pouches are free from smoke and vapour so you can use them wherever you go – in the car, at the gym or on a night out to name a couple of examples.

What happens if you’re caught smoking where you shouldn’t?

It is illegal for anyone to smoke in an enclosed public space and within the workplace, so being caught doing so will come with a hefty fine.

Businesses can be fined up to £2,500 if they don’t stop people smoking in the workplace. There are also fines for individuals smoking in prohibited areas.

Get your nicotine kick inside and out

Smoking inside pubs, clubs and restaurants has been prohibited for nearly 15 years, but now could be time to come in out of the cold and rain. Our nicotine pouches offer a convenient and practical alternative to smoking or vaping – with no smoke or vapour, they can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

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