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What kind of zoneX consumer are you?

February 2, 2021

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zoneX nicotine pouches can be bought by anyone over the age of 18 and are enjoyed by all different types of people over the world. However, we have found some similarities between people who purchase our pouches.

Take our quiz to find which zoneX persona resonates with you most.

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See the full list of personas below. Which one did you get?


You’re open to change and love a new adventure. Travelling and experiencing the world is high up on your bucket list and you even have a list of countries to visit saved in the back of your mind.

You have a passion for technology, photography and love sharing your globetrotting exploits with friends, but when you’re at home you love nothing more than gaming and attending the latest restaurant or bar opening.

Why choose zoneX?

You’re not set in your ways, are open to try new brands, and willing to experience new products. You’re keen to try before you buy and love a free sample!

So, if you haven't already, order your free sample of zoneX today!

You can learn everything you need to know about our pouches here.


You’re a little bit of a rebel and love a thrill. “In the know” and ahead of the trend, you are always looking for the next exciting new thing – if it’s not mainstream yet, even better!

You love the subculture scene, extreme sports, and sharing your experiences on social media for all to see. You have a pretty big following too! Why choose zoneX?

You’re always on the lookout for the ‘next big thing’ and are keen to learn more about alternative nicotine products.

Learn more about zoneX by exploring our blog.


You love fashion, cars and are a big socialiser. You’re the ‘fashionable’ one in your group of friends and always like to look your best – especially on a night out – portraying the best version of yourself to others.

You’re constantly on the go, think of yourself as a ‘hustler’ or ‘boss’ and love to share your lifestyle with others.

Why choose zoneX?

You like the idea of a nicotine alternative that doesn’t contain tobacco and doesn’t give off smoke or vapour, which means no teeth or nail staining and no smell.

Discover why so many people love oral nicotine alternatives like zoneX pouches here.


You consider yourself a private person, who likes to spend time with friends and family or enjoying a good movie. You’re not a fan of social media, because you find it ostentatious, but you do follow some of your favourite brands to see their latest products and promotions.

You’re strong minded and know what you like, and don’t like to compromise.

__Why choose zoneX? __

You like the idea of an alternative that is more discrete, without vapour, smoke or a lingering smell, and that you can pop in your mouth and enjoy with no one else knowing.

Use zoneX anywhere, anytime! Read more here.

How did we do?

Did your persona nail your personality down to a tee, or did you only see glimmers of yourself? If you’re yet to try zoneX, make sure to order your free sample can today.


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